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Lights, water, action!

One-stop shop for your utility needs

Extensive training, certifications and working knowledge are what you need to successfully complete your construction project, which is exactly what the professionals of PEPG Consulting, L.L.C. have.

Providing comprehensive utility systems and flood control services for more than 30 years, you can trust that we have experience with nearly every utility in a wide variety of sizes, both in the private and public sector.

Ensure the water, septic, and utility systems of your land development project are up to code and constructed properly.

Utilities and flood control services include:

  • Utility availability letters
  • Utility planning and coordination
  • Water system modeling
  • Water system design
  • Well development
  • Water rights services
  • Fire flow testing
  • Sewer system modeling
  • Sewer system design
  • Septic system percolation testing
  • Conventional septic system design
  • Alternative septic system design
  • Septic system monitoring
  • Storm system hydrologic and hydraulic modeling
  • Storm system design
  • Storm water quality design
  • Storm water pollution prevention plans
  • Floodplain delineations
  • FEMA elevation certificates
  • FEMA letters of map amendment
  • FEMA letter of map revision

Don’t Let Your Project Wind Up Under Water!