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Examples of Those We Have Already Helped

400 North Rehabilitation – Saratoga Springs

Project Owner: Saratoga Springs Public Works Department

Project Specifications:

  • Resurfacing of roadway without removal and replacement of curb and gutter
  • 1 mile long, pavement is Saratoga Springs parade route and is “Crown Jewel” of their system
  • Design required a significant detail applied to evaluation of existing pavement, leaving existing road base in place, using Recycled Asphalt (RAP) for fine grading of base course surface
  • Paving controlled by digital terrain model to pave surface independent of curb lip profile resulting in significantly improved cross-slopes without cost of curb removal and replacement

Key Services Provided by PEPG:

  • Pavement evaluation and design
  • Civil design and roadway profile
  • Construction staking for initial grade setting
  • Construction administration and oversight
  • Project closeout

Soldier Canyon and Ophir Canyon Cold In-place Recycling (CIR)

Project Owner: Tooele County Roads Department

Project Specifications:

  • 10 miles of low-volume roads in Tooele County
  • Field evaluations and in-house mix designs allowed for the re-use of Recycled Pavement from the UDOT SR-36 project.
  • Final pavement surface was 3 inches of CIR followed by a chip seal.
  • Project cost was 25% to 30% cheaper than comparative thickness of HMA and is expected to perform similarly.

Key Services Provided by PEPG:

  • Pavement evaluation and design
  • Project plan set
  • Construction oversight

Highland City Pavement Masterplan

Project Owner: Highland City Engineering Department

Project Specifications:

  • Visual distress evaluation and categorizations of all pavement segments in Highland City
  • Subsurface pavement investigation and evaluation of all fair/poor performing pavement segments
  • Primary and secondary recommendations for pavement rehabilitation including cost estimates for prioritization
    • Pavement recommendations were categorized into:
      • patching/crack seal
      • surface seal
      • thin mill and overlay
      • thick mill and overlay
      • surface replacement
      • reconstruction
  • Our rehabilitation approach saved Highland City over $7 Million from the original estimate of $16 Million based on reconstruction

Key Services Provided by PEPG:

  • Pavement distress evaluations and rehabilitation recommendations
  • Coordination of Technical Advisory Committee to determine City prioritization preferences
  • Primary and secondary rehabilitation options based on timing of application
  • Summary report of prioritization recommendations and annual cost estimates

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