Every Road is Different and should be Designed Accordingly

PEPG bring Utah’s premier experts on Pavement Design and Rehabilitation concepts and the materials used to construct them. Our experience ranges from local driveways and parking lots to interstate pavements, from traditional asphalt and PCC surfacing to multiple options for recycling, including Cold-in-Place Recycling (CIPR), Hot-in-Place Recycling (HIPR), Full-Depth Reclamation (FDR), and many others.

Our primary focus is placed on the recycling of the existing pavement to minimize impact and save construction time and cost. This includes the use of hot-in-place (HIPR) and cold-in-place (CIPR) recycling, full-depth reclamation (FDR) and mill and replace concepts, using standard AASHTO procedures and FWD analysis. With proper design information, PEPG can evaluate the remaining service life of these pavements and give accurate recommendations for proper treatment and timing to get the best performance out of the rehabilitation project.

Pavement Management: PEPG provides Pavement Design and Pavement Management experience to optimize initial designs and system rehabilitation strategies that are intended to reduce the overall cost, both initial and long-term to the owner.

PEPG is experienced in Airport Pavement design in accordance with current FAA standards including FAA Advisory Circular 150/5320-6E.