Materials Evaluation, Design and Rehabilitation Concepts

We bring Utah’s premier experts on Pavement Design and Rehabilitation concepts and the materials used to construct them.

Paving Materials Design and Evaluation
PEPG specializes in PCC and HMA design and evaluation, including performance testing, durability design and evaluation, mix design optimization and field evaluation…..

Materials Specialty Engineering
PEPG specializes in specialty materials engineering, including Mass Concrete modeling and monitoring, Cross-Hole Sonic Logging (CSL), use of maturity meter control of placed concrete, and new product development, with research efforts in oil sands, cold-in-place recycling and precast concrete pavements, among others.

Cross-Hole Sonic Logging and Evaluation
PEPG has performed CSL testing and evaluation on over hundreds of shafts, using Tomographic evaluation of anomalies on over a dozen shafts to determine context, extent and location and assist the contractor in performance evaluation and/or remediation.

Mass Concrete Modeling and Monitoring
PEPG has performed Mass Concrete Modeling on over a dozen footings, abutments and other large concrete placements. With modeling information, PEPG has guided mix design modification and construction practices, providing options for contractors to meet specifications with minimum sacrifices to cost or schedule.

Maturity Meter Implementation
PEPG has demonstrated the expertise on multiple projects to develop and implement a maturity meter acceptance program to provide quicker, more reliable and more comprehensive results for strength of concrete acceptance.

Materials Research, Development and Design
PEPG has performed in-depth research on concrete materials, precast pavements, oil sand asphalts and recycled asphalt products, providing detailed information and answers to the questions related to obtaining cutting edge performance of old or new products.