Private construction or municipal projects
benefit from site layout survey services

Keep your project on the right track

Construction Staking is more commonly known as Site Layout Survey. This is the process of marking the location of proposed new structures according to the interpretation of the construction plans.

If you’ve ever seen the survey crews on the roads as they’re being widened, built or repaired, they are staking – or surveying – the area to make sure the project is being built according to the plans.

Ensure your project is being built according to plan and within spec with our site layout survey services.

PEPG Consulting, L.L.C. has been providing construction services for all types of municipal and private party projects, including staking services for:

Roadway and Bridges & heavy civil utilities and earthwork
Heavy civil, utilities, earthwork, and all other aspects for both private and public roadways and bridges.

Structures ranging from small utility boxes to residential homes to large multi-story commercial buildings and parking structures.

All aspects of residential and commercial development, including property boundaries, earthwork, utilities, pavement, and structures.

Machine Control Terrain Model
– Creation for contractor grading equipments.
– Creation of digital terrain models (DTM) for use in contractor grading equipment.

Field Engineering
On site engineering with office support to allow for fast and efficient changes required during the construction process.

Mark the site prior to beginning construction with our professional staking services 801-562-2521