Let us help you with bidding and other support services

Get the best services for your budget

Before the building of your construction project can begin, there is much that needs to be done first. Let PEPG Consulting, L.L.C. assist you with the project bidding and securing a contractor. Contractors are going to submit proposals on your project.

This proposal is how the contractor conveys to you the estimated cost they will complete your project for. The proposal is created from a cost-estimate from the blueprints. Trust our company to ensure your project goes to the best people who will get the job done at or below your set budget.

Your success directly affects our success.

Assisting clients with the following bidding support services:

  • Project Quantities and Estimates
  • Contract and Procurement Documents
  • Contractor Bid Invitations
  • Bid Questions and Addenda
  • Contractor Selection Services

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